Expanding our Cow & Rabbit Farm


All of the agriculture work we’ve been doing in the last several years has really made an impact, especially during the global pandemic. The farm at the school in the Ngong Valley has really been instrumental in sustaining many of the children and faculty there. The cows we bought last year through the “Milk Money” campaign have been providing milk and are now pregnant. We will soon be bursting at the seams in the cow shed! Our rabbits have provided a quick source of protein and even after a large slaughter, the population has soared from 25-30 to over 200!

Our first step is to raise funds for doubling our cow shed and rabbit building capacity, at a cost of $17,5000. One of our volunteers that has previously travelled to Kenya can’t go this year because of the uncertainty of international travel right now. But that's not stopping him from being on mission right here at home! Instead of helping to build a cow shed with a team in Kenya, Mitch will be donating a portion of his labor on a landscape project for a client here in the Bloomington/Normal community. In lieu of paying him labor for construction of a retaining wall and 4 stone pillars, the client has agreed to donate the equivalent to the GOYA “Brick By Brick” Agriculture project!


Unfortunately, this will not cover the entire cost so we need your help!

There are 250 blocks (+/-) that are needed for this wall and these 4 pillars. To raise the remaining money to do this project it breaks down to $70 per block. So, we invite you to sponsor a block, or more, by making a donation to the GOYA Brick by Brick campaign!

As HE builds the wall, YOU are building a floor, a cow stall, a rabbit pen, and bags of feed as well as some much needed equipment to handle the new expansion.


We hope this opportunity inspires you to get involved with building the kingdom in Kenya through a local project that helps us GO when we can't be sent! Follow us on Facebook for more updates on this project as it unfolds: