Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

Radically changing the slums of Nairobi, Kenya with the hope and love of Jesus Christ. 



GOYA Ministries is a non profit and non governmental organization dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, raising awareness for social injustice, as well as raising and investing financial, physical, and human resources in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Currently focusing in South B slum, Kibera slum and Ngong Valley, GOYA Ministries partners with individuals and larger organizations to meet the needs of the students and the communities they live in.


Our goal is to provide a place for spiritual encouragement, accountability, and education, as well as provide for physical needs. Nutrition, hygiene, medical treatment, and infrastructure encourage localized self-sustainability and a future of hope for desperate children living in the slums. All donations are fully used to aid the work there - very little is held back for administrative costs as we are a 100% volunteer run organization. We are supporting Kenyan nationals, so we know that the funds raised are being used effectively in the community.


"The poverty here has made many to resort to prostitution and there is an influx of children running to the street to look for food. Education is not a priority here. We even have children as old as 15 who do not even know how to read and write. Our teachers have to do extra work to help the kids to catch up with their education. That is the reason why we have the high school for them to not only learn academics but to also develop skills like baking, farming, computer skills, washing clothes, dancing, singing, etc. to help them to earn a living in the future." ~ Shadrack Ogembo  Co-Founder, GOYA Ministries

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