Our Committees

Our Committees

As our ministry grows, we are incredibly grateful for individuals that partner with us to improve each area of our schools. Without their expertise, it would be difficult to keep the ministry growing and improving! If you have skills in any of these areas, would you consider partnering with us as we provide student training, community outreach, professional development and self sustainability to each of our ministry locations?


No more empty plates

Farming and agriculture in Kenya is essential to the success of its society as a whole. Without farming, everyone would be forced to hunt and gather food, and it is not possible for the population to survive off such an eating style. Industrial farming techniques and genetically modified crops allow farmers to produce a much greater amount of food than in the past, even when using the same amount of land, which keeps food on tables. Industrial farming also employs many people, including hourly workers, seasonal workers and scientific researchers who seek to improve farming techniques.


A better future, together

The Education Advisory Team exists for the purpose of improving teaching and learning in the R.E.M. schools. It is our desire to come alongside our partner educators in Kenya to encourage and support them in any way possible using the talent, abilities, and resources that God has blessed us with.


Increasing awareness so that each child is known and loved

The Sponsorship team’s mission is to ensure love and care for every child within GOYA through increasing funding and awareness. Our volunteers within the Sponsorship team keep records up to date, improve communication between the sponsor and their child in Kenya, as well as increase our sponsorship base by advocating for each child and finding new sponsors that will "adopt" a child in our program.

Medical/Dental Committee

Healthcare for all

Life in the slums has its many dangers and the families we minister to are prone to every kind of injury imaginable. With the lack of sanitation and access to good healthcare, what starts as a minor cough or cold can sometimes grow to a much more hazardous, and sometimes fatal, health issue. Our medical clinics strive to help those who would otherwise have little or no access to healthcare.

Banquet Committee

Spreading the vision, celebrating the win!

The Banquet Team is in charge of our primary fundraising and friend-raising initiative for GOYA Ministries. Annually, we hold an evening banquet where invested volunteers share the mission of GOYA Ministries, and we are able to gather and hear from our Kenyan partners on their vision for the future.