Scholarship Program Launch!

We are thrilled to announce the start of our Scholarship Program! This program was created for REM High School’s top performers and those that have the most limited resources, but still have a desire to pursue a post-high school education.


We have awarded scholarship to ten (10) students for the 2021 school year!

  • Four students will be attending four-year degree universities, pursuing careers in education, textile engineering, math/computer science and applied statistics.
  • Three students will be attending a two-year trade school, pursuing careers in management and electrical work.
  • Two students will be attending one-year programs at technical colleges.
  • One student is attending seminary.


As students finish their post-secondary education each year, we will add more students to our post-secondary scholarship program, with the maximum capacity of 15 students. These students have been selected by REM Leadership in Kenya based off of the following criteria and expectations:

  • We will grant priority to fields of study that will support and give back to the ministry of REM and are needed to further our mission – preachers, teachers, medical, dental, etc.
  • We will grant priority to students with the greatest potential for success, based on character and academic track record.
  • We will grant priority to those individuals with the greatest financial need.
  • We will only grant scholarships to those program recipients with whom we can commit funds for the duration of their course of study. (We will not grant scholarship only for the first year of a four-year program.) 


Eligibility requirements: 

  1. Recipients must have graduated from the REM secondary school.
  2. Recipients must apply for the scholarship in writing.
  3. Recipients must be of strong moral character and conduct themselves with integrity before and during participation in the scholarship program.
  4. Recipients must be accepted to an accredited and approved course of study.
  5. Recipients must maintain passing grades to retain their scholarship. 


GOYA Scholarship general limitations:

  1. Scholarship funds will only be granted to those students under the general expectations of the program and who meet the eligibility requirement.
  2. Scholarship funds may be used for college or trade school tuition fees only.
  3. Committee scholarship funds.


We are so proud of the students that have been selected for all of their hard work! Please keep them in your prayers that they would be encouraged in their studies and hold firm to their foundation in Christ. Thank you, our partners, for all you have done to help these students arrive at this spot in their journey!