A Day At REM

REM students come together in the Ngong Valley from all over Kenya and from a wide variety of family backgrounds. Sponsorship makes it possible for students from the different social classes, family backgrounds, and regions to attend a renowned educational institution. Not only do they get an education, they get an opportunity to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. In addition to those very important things, students are also able to create relationships with members of the Global Church when various teams visit to encourage students and staff and to experience life in Kenya. We realize not all who may desire to go to Kenya can, so today, we are giving you all a glimpse into a day at REM High School. Each day follows a pretty set schedule, but in the midst of the ordinary, extraordinary things are taking place. 




Good morning! It’s 5:30am and the alarm sounds to wake up all at REM High School. Instantly, you hear the shuffling of feet and murmuring voices all around. The kids wake up to get ready and do some morning chores. Chickens are clucking, the goats and their babies slowly waking as well, and if you head out back, you may see giraffes making their way through the misty mountain morning. 


At 7:30am you hear joyful students in the hallway in a long line ready to receive some breakfast before a full day of classes. 


From 8:00am - 1:00pm you can find the students and teachers in their classrooms discussing subjects like mathematics, various sciences, languages such as English and Swahili, and History during the first half of the school day. At around 9:30 students take a break for tea time in their classrooms, where they receive tea and fresh bread from the on-site bakery. After that they go right back to classes until lunch.


Around 1:30pm students gather for lunch and then go back to classes for a few hours. 


At 4:00pm students are released from their studies for a while to have some free time. Often students do things on the farm, walk around and talk, or play sports with one another. It’s a time where much chatter and laughter is heard all around as students spend time together. 


7:00pm rolls around and the students go back to their classrooms for a time of studying, much like our own Study Hall periods.


At 8:00pm students are lined up in the halls again ready to eat dinner. Chef Eli rotates much of what the students eat throughout each day on a rotating schedule to add some variety to each day! Students interested in cooking are able to help him in the kitchen to learn how to cook well. Students can also help in the new bakery so that they can learn commercial baking skills! 


After dinner, students gather for Night Fellowship/Bible Study for a half hour and then at 9:30 sing worship songs until 9:45 when lights are out.


Soon after lights out, the whole place falls still for the night, until…




… the sunrise brings new mercies from the Lord and another day at REM begins! In the midst of these everyday rhythms, REM students find normalcy, friendship, guidance, calling, purpose, and relationship with the one true God. Each student comes in with a story, and each student is cared for, loved, and known by one another, our REM staff, and ultimately by the Lord. 


We are so grateful for what takes place at REM each day. Beyond an education, REM gives the community, as well as each student, staff, and global partner, a simple glimpse into the abundant life found in Christ (John 10:10). The Kingdom of Heaven is touching earth in Kenya, and we see glimmers of it in the day-to-day life of our growing REM High School. 


Would you join us in prayer for all projects going on at REM High School? REM is growing and in need of more space and accommodations. To see what projects are currently going on, feel free to scroll through our News page here on the website and/or our Facebook page! All projects are ultimately initiated out of the desire to make it possible for more students able to attend REM and experience an amazing education, and most importantly, an abundant life in Christ.