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Second Well Project

We did it!!


We did it!! Thanks to several generous donors and our amazing match donor, we now have ALL of the funds we need to finish the second well at the high school! Now we're moving forward with installing the pump and the solar panels {pictured} so our REM High School students and staff will have plenty of life-sustaining water. This couldn't have been done without the help of everyone who got involved!


With the generosity of one of our donors, $6500 will actually multiply into $13,000!! 


In 2018 we had a campaign to raise $16,200 to drill a deep water well for our 360 high school students in Kenya who have been pulled out of the slums of Nairobi to receive their high school education. We are extremely pleased to report that the well has been dug and the water has been found to be pure! We are now beginning the final phase of the well which will be the purchasing and installing of the pump and solar panels. $13,000 is needed to complete the project.


To jump start this funding, a donor has offered to match dollar for dollar all donations made before April 1st up to $6,500 to complete the project! Please do not miss this opportunity to make your $10 become $20, or your $100 become $200. Please help our brothers and sisters in Kenya have much needed clean drinking water for themselves and their farm! We are working to finish a second water well project. Join us in this campaign! 


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