Education Team

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The education advisory team


The Education Advisory Team exists for the purpose of  improving teaching and learning in the R.E.M. schools.  

It is our desire to come alongside our partner educators in Kenya to encourage and support them in any way possible using the talent, abilities, and resources that God has blessed us with. 


Most members of the Education Advisory Team are educators, but not all.  Individuals with diverse skill sets are needed to fulfill our mission.  Examples include skills related to technology, fundraising, communications, and grant writing.    

For more information, readers are invited to check out our web site at:  

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Join Us

If you are interested, we invite you to join the Education Advisory Team by contacting Robert Dean (


Would you like to partner with us to develop specific staff development activities for our partner teachers?
Or perhaps become a donor of education related materials?

I'd like to serve on this team