January 03, 2017

Farm Drainage Project - Funds Needed!

We need your help in completing our first ever Agriculture focused project!  The site of the secondary school in Ngong Hills is more than just a school.  It’s also a learning lab where students are assigned garden plots for growing crops as part of their curriculum.  Our first team in 2017 is going in February to set everything up.  The students are responsible for selecting their crop, raising it, and then harvesting it.  The produce will be used to feed the students at the school.  


Unfortunately, the property sits at the base of a small mountain range and, often time, floods during the rainy season, thus limiting the output of the two annual growing seasons for this region. The site is badly in need of drainage and water control from the buildings and for the farm.  A drainage plan has been proposed and a bid obtained.  


This drainage project will greatly improve their ability to control the water shed and limit the flooding of the site, thus benefiting the site’s production capability.  The Farm Drainage Project expense is $8200, but an ongoing fundraiser has experienced some great success. All that remains is $2600! 


This is where we need your help!  The Agriculture Committee is hoping to be able to raise this last amount by early January 2017 in order to be able to send the funds to Kenya so that the work can be completed before the team arrives in mid-Feb. Please, prayerfully consider helping us reach our goal by clicking here or on Donate Today below to make a donation.  Be sure to add in the "Notes" field that you are donating towards the Farm Drainage Project. 


Thank you for your support!

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