March 20, 2016

Seeking a Generator for our High School

Rural Evangelism Missions (R.E.M.) is an interdenominational outreach organization founded in 1988 by Reverend Shadrack Ogembo. R.E.M. is committed to reaching families through relevant youth and children's ministries, including expanding access to education for children who otherwise might not have such an opportunity. In pursuit of that mission, R.E.M. partners with an American organization called GOYA, which is located in Normal, Illinois. GOYA is a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, raising awareness for social injustice, as well as raising and vesting financial, physical, and human resources to assist partner organizations.

GOYA works closely with Eastview Christian Church (also located in Normal), which supports international outreach to Kenya as one of its ministries. One of the mission teams from Eastview is focused on improving education in the R.E.M. schools. The "we" in the remainder of this narrative refers to this mission team. We have been so fortunate to be part of God's ministry work in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya these past few years. Out of the destruction of Mitumba in 2011, God performed miracles as HE raised up a new church, a new orphanage, two new primary schools within the slums of Nairobi, and a new high school - nothing else can explain it. Many of us have been blessed by the opportunity to come alongside Pastor Shadrack and Violet, and all the great folks affiliated with R.E.M., to witness God's magnificent provision. What a great story God tells! With Jesus at the center, He orchestrates an intricate, marvelous story of love and hope. God continues to call each of us to use our gifts to support His global community. We hope that those who have been gifted financially will partner with us to fund the purchase of a generator; here's the story.

A couple of years ago, work on a new high school began in rural Kenya (just outside of Ngong). With God's blessing, the school opened in March of 2016 with 80 students. Students being educated in the slums of Nairobi now have the chance to attend high school in a beautiful setting complete with roaming giraffes and fresh air. Our hope is to make this high school one of Kenya's best and to accomplish that, we plan to install a client/server computer network that includes eighty desktop computers, forty for a computer lab and forty for a library resource center. Wireless internet connectivity will be provided throughout the campus. This will provide the high school with an immediate technological advantage and give the students and teachers immediate access to free educational resources, which is critical to a ministry that has very limited resources. The network will also serve as communication link to the rest of the world, which opens up many possibilities for sharing information. It's important to recognize that high schools in Kenya are boarding schools so students, and the adults who serve them, live on sight year round except for short breaks. Students need to be fed, they need light to complete their studies, and the premises need to be kept secure and safe. Thus, there is a critical need for uninterrupted power to the campus and this can only be accomplished by purchasing a generator.

Since we know very little about generators, we once again relied upon God's leading and through various connections, He established a link with Caterpillar Mantrac, which is located in Nairobi. In addition to heavy duty equipment, Mantrac sells generators. Tobias, a Godly man of Christ, who is an electrician and technical consultant at Mantrac, conducted a site survey and recommended the purchase of a 65 KVA Caterpillar/Olympian Generator Set at a cost of $19,125. Mantrac provided a 10% discount on the quote. We are seeking donors to partner with the amazing work being done to help students break their cycle of poverty by obtaining a quality high school education. There is no better investment than providing children with a path to fulfill their potential thereby bettering their lives and the lives of their families.

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Thank you for helping us; God bless you for your generosity!

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