November 11, 2015

Let's Finish the High School!

The year is quickly coming to a close and with it ends a deadline to complete construction on our new High School before classes can begin on January 1st. We have a small window of opportunity to finish this project in 2015 because the Kenyan Government will not allow us to have builders on-site while holding classes so we need to make one final push to raise the funds we need to finish the second floor build out.


Dispite the photo, the entire roof is on the building now. But the interior of the second floor needs a lot of work and a final coat of paint needs to be applied to the entire first floor. In order to finish the entire build out of the new high school before classes begin, we need to raise about $43,000usd before the end of the year. Plus we will need around $40,000usd in additional resources for the school; items such as a commercial oven and commercial mixer, beds for the children, matresses (high schools in Kenya are boarding schools), science lab equipment, school supplies, etc...


In total, we still need around $83,000 in order to open our doors and every donoation, no matter the size helps us get one step closer. So as the year winds down, would you help us make one last push to complete this project so we can open the doors on January 1 and continue to radically change the lives of the children God has entrusted to us?

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