July 31, 2015

School daze

The "Mitumba School" started in 2006 with about 30 children learning in a 10'x10' tin shack in Mitumba Slum and quickly grew to 450 students before it fell victim to a wrongful government demolition in 2011.


It was then moved into a temporary tent, to a small house, then another house, then another house but FINALLY it has been moved to something a little more 'permanent' on the edge of South B Slum.


The new school building features 18 spacious classrooms in a two story building larger than any of our previous buildings. With current enrollment at around 350 children we now have room to grow up to over 500 students! This school has been an incredible story of God's grace and perseverance and we're thrilled to finally have a place to call home!

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