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Church planting


We believe that church planting is the primary task of missions. There are many gifts and callings in the body of Christ, but all of them must work together on the mission field toward the planting of churches.


It is one thing to do mass evangelism and to boast about the numbers of decisions made or the hands raised; it is quite another to establish a local church. Although Satan will oppose any ministry that purposes to advance Christ’s kingdom, his greatest disdain and most forceful attack is against those who would seek to establish a church in the terrain which he has claimed for himself.

In Matthew 16:18, the Lord Jesus declared, “I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.” This assures us that Christ is still at work in the world today, calling out a people for Himself – a people who have been redeemed by His blood and set apart for His glory and good pleasure. This redeemed body is most at work through local fellowships or churches that preach the word of God.

For this reason, GOYA Ministries is dedicated to working with and supporting local pastors and volunteers that have the desire to bring the gospel to various locations within the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.



South B Slum

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It is only because of the example that Jesus set for us that we are here, helping others find a future. There is no hope in that future without Jesus Christ. Our number one goal is to spread the hope of the gospel with the children in our schools and their families!


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Kibera is the largest slum in all of East Africa. We are shining a light into the vast darkness and bringing hope to the community surrounding our school and church plant within the Kibera slum.

Help us spread the gospel

Partner with us financially as we work to open a church in the Ngong Hills near our Secondary School!