Sponsor a Teacher

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Teacher training


Part of our mission is not only to build schools for the children in our programs, but also to ensure that they receive quality education by well-trained teachers.

We recognize the importance of investing in these teachers’ education as a critical step for improving overall instruction in our schools. With the sponsorship program, these teachers will be able to get training and further their education as well as learn new teaching techniques.

Sponsor a teacher

Financially, the contributions made by sponsors help us offset the cost of recruitment, selection, training, and ongoing support for current staff. 

More importantly, the Sponsorship program is a great way for you to be stewards of our mission beyond the classroom. Sponsored teachers have the privilege of communicating the love of Jesus Christ to our students and the families we work with. 

Through your involvement, you are also informing and inspiring others about what is possible for students growing up in poverty in Nairobi, Kenya. 

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We believe that your involvement is where the real power of the Teacher Sponsorship program lies, allowing our sponsors the chance to connect with a teacher and his/her students. This gives you the ability to see the work that our students can achieve when given a highly effective and impassioned classroom leader. 

The insight you can gain from interactions with our teachers has the potential to transform you from a casual supporter of education, to a strong advocate for our students and a committed partner in our work.


We invite you to join us on a trip to meet our teaching staff to help continue their training.

Or perhaps partner with us monthly to sponsor the work that is being done through these talented and committed teachers.

Check out our Teacher Sponsorship  and make a difference today!