Legacy Projects

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Leave a legacy


“Good people are remembered long after they are gone; but the wicked are soon forgotten” Proverbs 10:7

A legacy is what you leave behind when you leave this world. It is what people will remember about you long after you have gone. It’s not something we think about all the time but, what legacy will you leave behind?

We're looking for donors that are interested in planting new seeds that will grow and last for generations to come.

Our ministry has ongoing costs that we are continually raising funds for in order to maintain our current budget needs. 


A Legacy Donation is something much more than that.


It is a new beginning for a community that is lost in darkness, a glimmer of hope in a young girl's life, a career dream that can become true for a family struggling to make ends meet, and a place of refuge when a mother feels she can't go on alone.


With your help we could plant a new church and school today if we had the necessary financial backing.

A Legacy Donation of $60,000 - $100,000 would start a school and a church plant in a new location within a Nairobi slum community.

Once we receive the Legacy Donation, we will take care of the ongoing cost of running the new ministry location through our Sponsorship Program