South B Building

We are overwhelmed and encouraged by your dedication as we continue to radically change the slums of Nairobi with the love and hope of Christ. We had two new baptisms in Kenya just this month! Your support is the lifeblood of this ministry and we simply could not continue without your help. For that, we are deeply grateful!


As you may know, over the past 8 years, our school in South B Slum has grown from 150 to over 450 and the orphanage there has doubled from around 40 orphans to over 80 today! With the rapid growth, the school and orphanage are over capacity and the community has been begging us to plant a church there. So, over the past 3 years, we have been patiently and strategically buying land near the school for the foundation of a new building that will directly impact your sponsored students’ life.


Finally, it is time to plant the church, expand the school and provide a permanent home for our orphans. This building will become our local church on Sundays and Bible Club meeting space every Saturday. During the school week the first-floor church space will be partitioned into additional (and much larger) classrooms for our children, plus the second and third floors will be a permanent home for up to all 80 orphans with room to grow!!!


With over 450 children already in the school, and most of their families asking us when we will plant a church, it is entirely possible that the South B church could open its first service to over 1,000 people seeking Christ…a mega church in the slums of Nairobi!!


We are thrilled to share that Eastview Christian Church has stepped up to close the gap on this project and several generous donors have already said “YES”, making it already 63% funded! That’s enough to pay for all of the land, and to put the walls up, 3-stories tall, but it’s not enough to open the building. We need to raise $82,000 to complete the ENTIRE project. PHASE 4 will put the top roof/floor in so that the kids have a place to play and dry their clothes. Help us raise $7,037 to complete this phase and continue on to the final 2 phases of construction!

It may sound like a lot, but we have seen God raise up the right people at the right time every time we’ve stepped out in faith to serve the poorest of the poor.


We’re asking you to consider giving a one-time, special donation to help build this church, school and orphanage. 

We believe the Holy Spirit has already gone before us and we believe that miraculously, God will provide! 


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With deep appreciation,


Chad C. Parker
Executive Director
GOYA Ministries

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