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The children's home


We never planned on setting up an orphanage when we first started working with REM school and Pastor Shadrack. We grew from a 10x10 tin shack to a bustling primary school with 6 - 7 classrooms and 450 children ranging in age all the way from nursery to 8th grade. We discovered many of the children in our school did not have parents. They were "street kids". These children were able to attend school during the day because of generous sponsors but because they didn't have a family to go home to, they would just beg on the streets the rest of the day. At night, they would sleep in the 'corridor' of the slums. That is the small gap between the tin shacks. Often these gaps are where sewage runs through the slums.

After we added an addition to the school, some of the teachers felt compassion for these children and allowed them to sleep in the 3rd grade class room. We did not know this was happening, but as the numbers grew, we eventually found out that there was no where else for these children to go. 

So in 2008, with the help of some Canadian partners, we constructed the first orphanage! We then found two of the most selfless people we have ever met, Uncle Francis and Momma Natalie, to care for the 20 some children that had been orphaned. 


As the school has grown, we have added more children each year. There are approx. 54 children now residing in our Children's Home.

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Help us care for the fatherless

Many of the orphans in our children's home are still in need of a sponsor. Since Francis and Natalie are their only 'parents' and are unable to pay for all 54 of their kids, we are in need of others to step in and fill in the gap. Would you partner with our children and provide the funds they need?